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Why Jamf ?

As a Jamf partner you are aligning your customer solutions and service offerings with an industry leader that solely focuses on Apple. Jamf provides best in industry Support, Services and Apple Enterprise Management solutions to resolve your customers challenges.

Jamf values your expertise and customer relationships, and in partnership, will look to collaborate and strengthen your position with customers. Our supportive partner program, customer first culture and passionate Jamf team endeavour to work with you on your business model and ROI expectations for business growth.

Jamf provides support for our Partners through:
  • A Sales and Engineering team that are available for advice, joint calls, quoting and help on specific customer problems
  • Enablement with various training pathways- Sales, Technical and Certification levels
  • Synnex Jamf Partner Portal – a central location for partner onboarding, enablement, product information, pricing and more
  • Technical Support serviced by industry leading experts in Apple and Jamf
  • A Customer Success team dedicated to customer satisfaction and product adoption. They work with Partners, hand in hand, to deliver an awesome experience
  • Post Sales Support and Service offerings
Jamf Services and Support
How Partners grew their Jamf Apple business:
  • Multiple partnership offerings to suit their business model
  • Generous margins realised on our solutions and services
  • Jamf’s commitment to innovation and portfolio options provided potential for business growth
  • Up to a 98% renewal rate ensured a sustainable business
  • Happy customers means retention and an opportunity to cross sell
  • Access to marketing resources, Lead generation activities and events grew market share
  • All our software licences come inclusive with unlimited standard support tickets.
  • There when our Partners needed us; mitigating risk and helping you deliver excellent customer service.
Jamf solutions

Annie Swanton, Director, Autonomous IT

Jamf resellers
Jamf Reseller Programs

As an IT provider to businesses, whether you prefer to resell or deliver a service or both, a partnership with Jamf offers a great opportunity to deliver value to your customers.

Each Jamf program delivers different business benefits and access to Jamf teams, tools, resources and support.

We have different programs to suit your business model, market maturity and level of engagement you wish with Jamf, so you can choose to be a part of one or a combination of the following;

Jamf Now Affiliate - provides the opportunity to earn referral commissions by introducing new prospects to the Jamf Now solution.

Reseller - allows you to resell Jamf products on its own or as part of your solution offering. As a foundation for Apple and Jamf understanding we require you to do the free Jamf 100 course. A Jamf Certified Associate certification is available if you wish. Talk to your Channel Manager.

Integrator - enables you to deliver the customer on-boarding service JumpStart, along with your solution integration services for a complete customer support experience. You will be required to maintain Jamf 300 certification annually along with delivering 6 JumpStart engagements per calendar quarter.

Solution Partner - provides access to powerful developer tools for you to tap into the Jamf framework to test your unique app or service. Jamf Nation, the largest Apple admin community of users are engaged to market test your ideas and hungry for innovative integrations. We have two tiers available: Developer and Solution.

Managed Service Provider - Jamf’s unique and industry leading Apple management portfolio puts this competitive advantage in your hands to help you succeed with Apple. Endpoint environments can be all Apple or mixed. The ICT industry recommends a fit for purpose approach to delivering on service excellence. Jamf enable’s this with an efficient service to your customer’s. Helping them and your business realise on ROI.

Whatever you choose we are committed to making this a wonderful journey together to succeed, adapt to market changes and grow. So get started by choosing a program that's right for you.

Register with Synnex and Jamf as a Partner

If you are new to Synnex, please set up your Synnex Account here

Liaise with your Synnex Apple team to register and follow up on your DPP program requirements and/or how to enrol into Apple Business Manager here

Then register with Jamf as a Partner. We'll then contact you directly to learn more about your business and confirm the best Jamf solution and program to suit your needs.

Every Partner has their own unique business model and costs when looking at the value of a solution that would form the core of their service offering. Wondering what a company’s return on investment (ROI) with Jamf Pro would look like?

Jamf Partner ROI
We look forward to welcoming you onboard and succeeding with Apple and Jamf through our partnership. If you would like to discuss further please contact our Channel Manager on: anz.channel@jamf.com
Sales and Service: +61 02 8014 9328