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Support for Partners and mutual Customers

Customer satisfaction and repeat business

Our Customer Success team are a passionate, empathetic and enabling bunch of professionals. Their dedication to the customer experience is reflected in our industries Net Promotor Score (NPS) which ranks 52 * where the technology industry average is 25.
*Data - NPS, June 2021

The team focus on helping our partners who use our product themselves as well as our joint customers achieve their goals through:

  • Solution adoption to gain maximum value from their investment.
  • Working on and executing strategies along with our support team.
  • Help with onboarding and collaborating with other internal Jamf departments.
  • Being the voice of the customer to help with feedback and clarity
  • Directing customers to self-help resources.
  • Managing issues and staying in touch to nurture and establish a strong relationship.

This added layer of customer service adds value to a Partners business through a 95% retention rate and subsequent repeat business which builds on a reputation for professionalism.

FAQ : How do customers Activate their Jamf Licence Code?

Please provide the following information to your customers:

  • Log into Jamf account here
    (if they don’t have a Jamf Account, customers should create one using the same link)
  • Once logged into Jamf account - Click on 'Product' tab on the left hand side of screen. This would expand into the Product section where the current activation code is found under 'Your Jamf Pro' as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Copy activation code, and add it into Jamf Pro server as per Jamf Pro activation instructions

Jamf Service Delivery for our Partners and customer

Wandera Delivery Services - inclusive based on Customer

Wandera's world class, dedicated delivery team can provide a combination of the following activities based on customer size, complexity and applicable Tier category;

  • Technical Account Manager (TAM)
  • Introduction and overviews of the Radar system
  • Integration requirement’s
  • Pilot testing
  • Customer Support- 24/7
  • Documentation Centre access
  • Quarterly Service reviews

What to expect in a typical delivery service flow;

  1. Introductory call with your TAM, deployment planning and best practice implementation
  2. Radar system overview and familiarisation
  3. UEM Connect, Activation Profile and general Policy control
  4. Integration requirements for advanced features if required
  5. Pilot testing with customer
  6. Correction actions before BAU
  7. Regular catchups dependent on cadence required

Jamf Service Delivery options


Jamf Service options and inclusions

Wandera Services and deliverables included per customer tier description

The world’s largest Apple IT Community: Jamf Nation

Jamf Nation members of all skill levels use this free and open peer-led forum as a platform to gain insight, share best practices and bounce ideas off fellow admins who manage Apple and Jamf.

100,000 members and counting. Find out why Partners and customers love it and join our Jamf Nation community here.

Utilise, integrate and extend the Jamf platform with solutions from over 300 providers: Jamf Marketplace

If you have innovated your own product, app or consultancy and would like to share it with other Jamf members, tell us about it.

Learn more about Jamf Marketplace here.

How does Jamf Services and Support our Partners and Customers?

When you think support, you look for peace of mind that comes from skill, experience and speed to decrease downtime in helping you deliver on your customer excellence goals.

We ensure your success with Apple by providing industry recognised Support services through our highly qualified Jamf professionals in both Apple and Jamf technology. We deliver this unique combination of skill with a personalised experience- we are genuine in our empathy and desire to help solve the problem.

Standard support - Inclusive

Our standard support is inclusive of all our subscriptions. We have local, world class support and services teams in Australia and APAC servicing the ANZ region.

  • Support via chat, email, or phone during business hours.
  • No max on the number of support cases you can create.
  • Easy access to support cases through Jamf account portal.

Premium support

If you need a higher level of support and business alignment, this can be provided through Premium support that has three different tiers. Premium provides for business planning, incorporating strategic initiatives that maybe unique to your business model. We provide an extra layer of services through our Customer Success team who collaborate with you to plan and review.

For Partner business support, please make sure you are a registered here:
Become a Partner

Compare Jamf Services and Support plans

Create a Jamf Account ID to access support:

Main support contacts

Jamf Now help centre:
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Chat / Jamf account support: 
Jamf Account
Phone Support ANZ – AUS: +61 02-8015-2224

Jamf Now support Standard Premium
Best for SMB businesses with limited IT resource and non-complex requirements. Self- service solutions are available here:
Jamf Now help center
Businesses who have one or two IT professionals provide inhouse L1-2 type help desk support to customers For your customers who need additional support
Jamf platform Cloud Cloud and On-Premise Cloud and On-Premise
Jamf solutions covered Jamf Now Jamf Pro, Connect and Protect Jamf Pro, Jamf Pro + Connect
Hours of coverage Mon – Fri, 9 – 5PM AEST Mon – Fri, 9 – 5PM AEST 24Hrs x 7 days phone support
Response time N/A Based on priority status for Jamf Pro as a standalone or that have Connect and Protect added. Further information provided here:
Response times
Varies based on tier
Fee for service Inclusive in Jamf subscriptions Inclusice in Jamf subscriptions Price per premium Tier: Support
Support Plus
Support Enterprise
Pricing Here (USD$ RRP)
Premium pricing
Contact method Chat / Jamf account, Jamf Now help centre Chat / Jamf account, email, phone Chat / Jamf account, email, phone
Support case limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support delivery Remote Remote Remote
Additional resources Jamf Now Help Center Jamf Nation
Jamf Online Training Catalogue
Jamf Online Training Courses
Jamf Nation
Jamf Online Training Catalogue
Jamf Online Training Courses
Dedicated Jamf Expert – Customer Success Manager