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Training for Partners

Foundation training

New to Apple and Jamf?

Jamf and Synnex have made it as easy and accessible as possible, and its all free. Follow this three step pathway to build your foundational understanding. Suitable for business owners, sales and technical staff.

This overview provides you a snapshot of who we are and what we are about. Jamf competitive advantage in the industry and commercial and education market positioning statements are also here to use on a quick introduction phone call to a potential customer.

Step 1

Take the time to go over the Jamf Overview page
(10-20 min.)

Talk to the Synnex team to take you through the Apple training program and the Apple Device Enrolment prerequisites, if you are a technical administrator.

Here are two essential e-books to help you understand the native integration between Jamf and Apple that produces the powerful MDM tools that customers love.

Step 2

A newbie to Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Apple?

Basics of Apple device management for small to medium businesses ebook covers:

  • Mobile Device Management 101
  • Leveraging Apple business services
  • Complete Device Management
  • Zero – Touch Deployment
  • Deploying Apps
  • Boosting security on Apple devices

For Sales and Sales Engineers

Learn at your own pace (30 mins)

Introduction to Apple device management ebook covers :

  • How MDM works
  • Apple services and programs
  • Understanding Apple lifecycle management
  • Insight for infrastructure planning

For Sales Engineers and Sales advanced

Learn at your own pace (30 mins)

Understand the basics of the Jamf platform offerings and how you can leverage the AEM solution stack.

It’s all there on the Synnex Jamf Solutions and Resources page (30 mins.)

Resources are included for basic understanding of Single sign on and authentication under Jamf Connect as well as Security under Jamf Protect Sections.

For Sales Engineers and Sales- understanding and pitching Apple Enterprise Management (AEM), watch this video (22 mins)

Jamf Solutions and Resources

Step 3

Jamf Product and Solutions

Partner role based training

The following is the recommended Partner training pathways once the above Foundations have been understood. You can build your skills at your own pace to help you succeed in your role with Apple and Jamf. You can do one or a combination of Pathways based on your Business and role requirement.

Please make sure you have created your Jamf Account Identity to gain access to courses

Sales Pathway

Sales pathway Jamf Products, Value and getting ready to sell Why Jamf, how to use a Demo and basic Jamf processes How to increase your opportunity value and build on your pipeline
By the end of this module you will be able to?
  • Name the core products in Jamf's Product Portfolio
  • Explain to a customer or prospect the value each product can bring. Key words and phrases
  • Determine if Jamf has a solution for a customer in a given scenario
  • Understand User vs Device pricing and the benefits
  • Understand the benefits and experience that comes from Jamf Onboarding through Jamf JumpStart service
  • How to use the catalogue of videos to do a customer Demo
  • Understanding TCO / ROI to help you support the prospects business case
  • How to request quotes, deal registrations, submit a PO and renewals process
  • How to get auto- trials for Jamf Now and Jamf Pro
    Coming Soon –
  • Increasing opportunity value through selling Support Services
  • Adding value by upselling on Jamf Pro with Jamf Connect and Jamf Protect
Step 1

Jamf product portfolio

After you have created your Jamf Account Identity, please log into your Jamf training course below and click on Partner Sales Home Page tile for the following modules;

Product Portfolio 45 min
Jamf Pro 20 min
Jamf Now 20 min
Jamf School 15 min
Jamf Protect 15 min
Jamf Connect 15 min
Jamf Business 10 min

Jamf Partner University

TCO / ROI conversations
4 mins

Apple Device Management ROI
2 mins

Jamf Connect ROI
2 mins

Buid your pipeline by leveraging customers that have a mixed environment of Microsoft and Apple. Understand how we integrate and work together for ease, efficiency and flexibility.

Bringing Jamf and Microsoft together for the Better

Step 2

Jamf business plan
15 mins

Understand the differences, cost and beneftis of device based and user based licences. This course is a part of your Partner Sales course in Partner University as per step 1.

Jamf process documents 
2 mins

Apple Device Management ROI 2 mins

    Coming Soon –
  • Partner Deal Registration Guide
  • How to submit a quote request and PO
  • Renewals - how it works and what to request

Step 3

Jamf onboarding services
15 mins

Understand the value of Jamf Pro JumpStart for your business and the customer experience here.
NOTE: Jamf Now is a standalone, easy, self service solution that doesn’t require onboarding services.

JumpStart Services

Auto trial Jamf Now and Pro 

Experience the Jamf Pro and Now by spinning up a Trial

Jamf Now Account

Jamf Pro Trial

Setting up Jamf Now

Sales Engineer or Sales Champion Pathway

Sales Engineer or Sales Champion Pathway
Fundamentals of Jamf Pro Deeper understanding of AEM through Demo's and looking at business solutions Value conversations
By the end of this module you will be able to?
  • Name the core products in Jamf's Product Portfolio
  • Become familiar with Apple macOS, iOS, tvOS and the Jamf Pro MDM management
  • Understand Jamf Security through Jamf Pro
  • Be Familiar with Apple mac security trends and compliance requirements
  • You will be able to run a Demo
  • Extend your knowledge on Jamf Connect and Jamf Protect
  • Understand the use case on Business challenges through market focuses
  • Understand the value conversations around;
    • UEM vs Apple Device Management
    • TCO / ROI
  • Understanding the unique Apple user experience
  • Support from Jamf Nation
Step 1

Jamf 100 certification
3 - 6 hrs
Time depending on prior knowledg. See below Technical Pathway

Jamf Pro demo
7 min

Jamf Pro Overview Demo

Single Login with Jamf Setup and Reset

UEM and Why Apple Enterprise Management

Step 2

Jamf Pro workflows
12 mins

These video's will take you through the basics to help you explain these powerful features of Jamf Pro;

Apple Device management

Zero - Touch Deployment

Self Service

App Management with Jamf Pro

Apple device Security

Inventory Management

Jamf Connect
6 mins

Modern identity management alongside mobile device management

Understanding Mac security with Cloud Identity

Jamf Connect demo
2 mins

Password less provisioning and SSO for Mac

Jamf Protect
12 mins

Jamf Protect video’s

    Please go through the following 6 videos that you can use to demo the following features;
  • Introduction
  • Endpoint security for Mac
  • Compliance requirements
  • Security visibility
  • Threat Prevention
  • Threat detection

iOS device compliance
2 mins

If you would like help understanding and knowing how to runs these demo’s, Please reach out to the Jamf Channel team. We are here to support you!

TCO / ROI conversations
35 mins

Apple Device Management ROI
2 mins

Jamf Connect ROI
2 mins

Apple vs non Apple technology in higher education
30 mins

Step 3

Endpoint security and compliance

Please have a look at these two webinars that explores Jamf Protect more deeply and security trends to help you have 'value add' conversations with your customers while positioning the Mac platform. An e-book guide also helps you to build your understanding of ID and Security.

Mac Security Trends in 2020
35 mins

Compliance, Threat detection and malware prevention
20 mins

Advanced Guide to Identity Management and Security
30 mins

30 mins

Healthcare workflow for Beginners

Healthcare solutions with Jamf Now

Aged care or patient experience using Apple and Jamf

Small business
10 mins

Retail solutions with Jamf Now

Jamf Pro for Retail

Retail at scale – GOAT


For more information on education please look at our resources section here;
Education series

Remote workforce

Empower a remote workforce

Ensuring worker safety with Jamf and TRUCE

Jamf experience
36 mins

Why Onboarding and Offboarding Matters

Why end-user experience matters and how Jamf helps

Explore Jamf Nation
See below

Technical Pathway

Technical Pathway Jamf Certifications and Online resources
Step 1 Jamf 100
Step 2 Traning Catalogue
Provides intermediate self paced on-line training dependent on your business requirements e.g. Help Desk, Apple Jamf MDM, Scripting. Please log into your Jamf Account ID to access. More information is provided below.
Recommended search criteria - Product = macOS, Role = Engineer and Help Desk
Step 3 Jamf 200 Course
Spin up a Not For Resale (NFR) Jamf Pro Instance
Jamf 200 is a pre-requisite for a NFR instance
Please contact your Channel Manger to organise this on anz-channel@jamf.com
Step 4 Jamf 300 to Jamf 400
Step 5 Specific technical courses on Products through Partner Pathways. See below for details.
Private course available ( 9 seats min.) Private courses can be delivered to your technical team on the above with specific attention to certain topics relevant to you. Contact your Channel Manager on anz-channel@jamf.com

Online training catalogue


Is a free training series. It covers a variety of topics delivered in various mediums, like videos, simulations and more to help you master the concepts and ideas presented in the Jamf 100 course and above.
For example, there are Tutorials on;

  • MacOS management
  • iOS deployment
  • tvOS provisioning
  • Server configuration

Whether you are a Jamf greenhorn or a veteran there is a lot of free, self-help content available. This is available exclusively for Jamf registered Partners. Please go to the Become a Partner Page and Register.

Here is a short 2 minute introduction video

Partner pathway


Is a free learning management system dedicated to key Technical staff who have completed the Jamf 200 as a minimum.

  • Jamf Product professional course
  • Technical baseline (10.0 to 10.29)
  • Pre-release webinar
  • Product specific courses
  • Product demo and evaluations

Partners must be registered as a Reseller as a minimum and technical staff have a Jamf Account ID.

Please contact your Channel Manager for access to Partner Pathways on anz-channel@jamf.com

Certification courses

Course levels are sequential and pre-requisites for subsequent courses. These courses are availble for both Partners and Customers. For further course details, registrations, available dates and cost:

Courses Jamf 100 Jamf 200 Jamf 300 Jamf 400
These modules cover the following
All levels are sequential for pre-requisites
Introductory course on Apple macOS, iOS, tvOS and the Jamf Pro solution. Prepares students for the Jamf 200 course and is a pre-requisite.
  • Introduction to the Jamf Pro server
  • Enrolling devices, Building and managing content
  • Scripting overview (Bash)
  • Initial setup and refreshing/reimaging macOS and iOS devices
  • And more
  • Patch management software titles, definitions and policies
  • Security workflows including FileVault, Activation Lock and restrictions
  • Introduction to the Jamf Pro API
  • Advanced packaging, script and policy deployment workflows
  • And more
  • Scripting: Obscuring passwords, Loops, arrays, User interaction and Regular Expressions
  • Data management: API, User management and Extension Attributes
  • Scripting overview (Bash)
  • And more
Partner registration type - recommendations Reseller - sell through
Affiliate program
Reseller- sell through with outsourced services (e.g. you have multiple customers with 50+ macOS devices)
Solution Partner
Suitable for Sale Engineers
Technical Technical Technical
Cost Free Paid Paid Paid
Delivery Online, self-paced Remote, Instructor led Remote, Instructor led Remote, Instructor led
Time required 3 – 6 hours depending on base knowledge 5 days, 9-5 PM 5 days, 9-5 PM 5 days, 9-5 PM
Exam requirement Not mandatory but highly recommended.
60 multichoice questions.
Possible to get a free voucher for Partners. Contact your Channel Manager on the requirements.
A mixture of multichoice and practical tasks.
3 graded scenarios and practical tasks on the last day
4 graded scenarios
Certifications awarded Jamf Certified Associate Jamf Certified Technican Jamf Certified Administrator Jamf Certified Expert