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Professional Services for Partners and mutual Customers

Jamf offer a variety of services with multiple delivery methods, to ensure you can manage customer expectations and the Apple fleet with confidence. To help Partners be more successful we have a dedicated team of highly qualified specialists for Apple deployments and implementations. We have service options to match your unique needs and budget. In collaboration with Partners, our legendary Customer Success and Support team help deliver excellent customer experience and an ROI realisation through a higher level of user adoption and full feature utilisation.

Jamf Onboarding Services

Jamf Onboarding Services ensures Jamf Pro deployment success, Please contact the Jamf team to discuss all the different options available. Following is a summary of the Remote service options available.

  • Configuration and setup of your Jamf Pro
  • Personalised training by Jamf Pro expert using remote connection tools
  • Different onboarding offerings are tailored to what devices the customer has
  • Hands-on training of features and functionality specific to your needs
  • Workflow fundamentals

NOTE: Partners or Customers that have the technical capability i.e. hold Jamf 200 Certification or relevant Apple and MDM experience have the option for Self-directed Onboarding. If not, Jamf highly recommended you sell Onboarding Services with Jamf Business Plan or Jamf Product combinations. Please reach out to the Jamf team to help assess the deployment requirements and provide access to Online Resources to help you with onboarding these customers.

Cloud Hosted Services Time- Bus. Hrs MSRP $USD SKU
Jamf Pro macOS 4hrs x 2 sessions $3,500 3230303030
Jamf Pro iOS, tvOS 4hrs $1,500 3230303030
Jamf Pro macOS / iOS, tvOS For combined deployment as indicated, with added training 3 days $7,500 3230303030
Jamf Connect 4hrs $2,000 1912101220

For more information:

Jamf Onboarding

Standard Professional Services

In addition to the fundamental implementation requirements delivered in the Jamf Onboarding Services, partners and customers frequently request additional services below. Service delivery is remote and for cloud-based licences. Contact the Jamf team for additional information and Statement of Works (where applicable). These are a fixed SOW originating from our Custom PS offerings but at an affordable price.

Packaged Service Description Customer Type Time- Bus. Hrs MSRP $USD SKU
Zero Touch Concepts Workflows, advanced policies, end user experience (DEP notify), Apple deployment program, scripting and Jamf Connect deployment New Existing 1.5 Days $4,200 3230303030
Premium Zero Touch Implementation Also great for partners that are providing this as part of your Outsourced IT offerings. Including JumpStart, Automated Device enrolment workflows with/ without Jamf Connect, custom branding, content deployment New 5 Days $14,000 3230303030
Jamf Pro Health Check Jamf Pro performance assessment and appropriate corrections report (remediation not included) Existing 4 Days $1,400 1912101220
Jamf Connect Implementation Jamf Connect configuration with IdP, Jamf Pro configuration to deploy Jamf Connect installer New Existing 4 Days $2,000 3230303030
Jamf Protect Remediation Concepts Understanding Jamf Protect with Insights and Analytics and guide you through how to remediate any threats using Jamf Pro. Integration with supported SIEM New Existing 4 Days $1,400 3230303030
Jamf Infrastructure Manger (JIM) Setup Setting up JIM to allow Jamf Cloud to connect to LDAP solution in a secure and managed way ( vital to Jamf Cloud migrations ) New Existing 4 Days $1,400 3230303030
Apple M1 Readiness Review Training to support the latest Apple architecture, current environment check, report on improvement suggestions Existing 4 Days $1,400 3230303030
Big Sur and Monterey Readiness Review Preparation and upgrade of devices to the latest macOS using Jamf Pro 4 Days $1,400 3230303030
Jamf Deployment

For more information:

Jamf Premium Services

Custom Services

Custom requests that go beyond our Onboarding Services and Standard Professional. This may also be applicable for more complex or unique environments and will require a customised Statement of Works (SOW), for example;

  • Custom scripting
  • Advanced rollouts
  • Migrations
  • Additional training
  • Extra time with a Jamf Engineer

Delivery is charged in four-hour increments. Please reach out to your Jamf team for a SOW request and quote document.
Note: Custom Scoping is required for a Custom SOW

Premium Services

Is a pre-packaged, discounted to be highly competitive in the industry, annual block of days that provides access to a Jamf Professional Service engineer to work on your Jamf Pro platform. The service provides time saving expertise while deploying or maintaining your best-in-class environment, for example;

  • Project requirements requiring oversight
  • Best practice consultancy and implementations
  • Specialised integrations
  • Security implementations
  • Pre- renewal Health checks
  • Personnel education
  • New feature implementations

Three tiers provide 6,12,24 annual days, discounted to be highly competitive in the industry ( Rate Range from $460 to $375/ hr USD check with your Synnex team) . Consumption is based on half or full day increments.
NOTE: Onsite or remote, based on covid restrictions. Lead time to book is 2-3 weeks.

Jamf Security Suite Services

Jamf’s world class, dedicated delivery and customer success team provide a combination of the following activities based on the solutions purchased and customer size, complexity and requirements

Jamf Threat Defence, Private Access and Data Policy Deployment Services - inclusive based on customer requirements
  • Action plan on rollout with a Technical Account Manager (TAM)
  • Documentation Centre access
  • Introduction and demo of the Radar system
  • Integration requirement’s
  • Pilot testing
  • Customer Support- 24/7
  • Regular Service reviews with the Customer Success (CS) team

What to expect in a typical delivery service flow;

  1. Introductory call with your TAM, deployment planning and best practice implementation
  2. Radar system overview and familiarisation
  3. UEM Connect, Activation Profile and general Policy control
  4. Integration requirements for advanced features if required
  5. Pilot testing with customer
  6. Correction actions before BAU
  7. Regular CS catchups dependent on cadence required to help with adoption

Professional Services are available at an additional cost that can provide Technical Design services and Bespoke services for complex environments requiring change management, integration, migration and other deployment support. Please reach out to your Jamf team to discuss these options.

Jamf Deployment