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Apple Enterprise Management - everything required to connect your Apple users to resources, protect your Apple devices and manage your Apple ecosystem

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How Apple Enterprise Management goes beyond MDM:

Learn why Jamf, a scalable and automated solution — designed specifically for Apple — is the best method to connect, manage and protect an entire Apple fleet. For peace of mind all our software licences come with unlimited standard support tickets.

Building the ROI Business case

Get an understanding on what and how users realised strategic and measurable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) on a purpose built Apple management solution like Jamf Pro.

Connect streamlines Mac setup, authentication and identity management

Jamf Connect provides single sign-on access into the Mac, Password synchronisation between IdP and Mac and is less than the cost of a support call for a password change, which this product solves.

Cloud identity providers supported:

  • Microsoft Azure AD
  • Okta
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Security Verify
  • OneLogin
  • PingFederate

Minimum licences amount = 25

Jamf Connect service
  • Highly recommended with Jamf Pro environments.
  • 4 hours remote for macOS (Standard environment), available for Jamf Cloud licences only.

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Single sign on and authentication for beginners

Need the basics? This whitepaper provides you an overview, details the role of cloud identity providers and workflows as well as some security best practices and how to implement them.

Single Sign-On and authentication for beginners

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Jamf Pro, an enterprise mobility management tool

Designed to automate device management for Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. Built for IT administrators and a powerful platform for partner Service based business models. Simple, secure and cost effective.

  • Enterprise grade.
  • Customised Zero Touch deployment - means customising, managing and securing a device from the beginning, straight out of the box- great for Partners wanting to provide DaaS offerings.
  • Device and App Mgt. e.g. email, WiFi config’s.
  • Customised Inventory Managment. e.g. s/w versions, warranty info.
  • Sets up Self Service- of approved Apps.
  • Jamf Pro integrates with over 300 providers with specific solutions.

Minimum licences amount = 25

Jamf Pro jump start services
  • Strongly recommended for Jamf Pro.
  • 4hrs for iOS and 8hrs for macOS remote, available for Jamf cloud licences only.

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Apple device management for beginners

Need the basics? An e-book that introduces how MDM works and how Jamf extends native Apple services and programs.

Apple device management for beginners

Apple M1 Chip – A whole new possible

Learn more about how Apple’s M1 chip will drive industry transformation in the Enterprise.

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What solution is right for you or your customer? Jamf Now vs Jamf Pro

Both Jamf mobile device management solutions are powerful. This short three minute video helps you clarify your needs.

Comparing Jamf Now and Jamf Pro for Mobile Device Management

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Standalone Mobility Management Solution

Jamf Now is a cloud-based MDM solution for the iPad, iPhone and Mac devices in the workplace. Whether you need a macOS, iOS or iPadOS manager, device management is fast, accessible and affordable, so you can support your users without requiring dedicated IT.

  • Great for SMB Customers and Partners that are not Technical
  • No training required
  • Out of the box. Easy to use
  • Has Blueprints to help set up quickly
  • You can do iCloud Activation lock bypass which is the most common IT help desk ticket

Minimum licences amount = None. You get First Three devices FREE.

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Two plans to choose From - Jamf Now Standard or Jamf Now Plus plan

Pick the one that's right for you

Jamf Protect puts the spotlight on Apple security

Jamf Protect  has been developed exclusively for macOS. It builds on Jamf Pro as a base solution and is up and running out of the box. Jamf Protect provides a complete solution to maintain endpoint compliance, monitor for, respond to, and remediate security incidents on macOS with minimal impact to the device and end-user experience.

  • Jamf provides Same Day support for Apples latest OS.
  • Prevent known malware and quarantine for later analysis.
  • Integration with Jamf Pro provides advanced prevention through policy-based workflows that can run automatically in the background.
  • Provides granular insights on the Mac fleet – Device health, threat hunting and compliance.
  • Detect, even if offline or remote and remediate back to a trusted state.
  • Integration available with 3rd party offerings e.g. real time notifications, alerts to your SIEM.
  • Jamf Protect monitors CIS compliance plus analytics built off the Mitre ATT&CK framework.

Minimum licences amount = 25

Jamf Protect service
  • For policy based and remediation workflows to be set up through Jamf Pro, we highly recommend service work added to the quote.
  • Services are based on a Scope of Works, min. 4 hours remote.

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What is the internet security benchmark for macOS?

This whitepaper shows you how to implement the Centre of Internet Security (CIS) recommendations.

macOS Security Checklist

Apple Security for Beginners

Need the basics? A comprehensive e-book that provides a guide on Apple security for Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.

Apple device security for beginners

Threat Defense protects against all endpoint threat vectors through a highly effective mobile application (iOS, iPadOS, Android) and prevents in-network threats in real-time through Jamf's Secure Access Layer. Accommodates all device types and ownership models while safeguarding user privacy. Comprehensive, multi-level security solution.

  • Protect corporate applications: Permit or deny access to corporate apps based on a user’s identity and a device’s security state. Works on any device: Managed, unmanaged, BYOD.
  • Stop malware: Threat Defence blocks malware downloads before the code is installed: MI:RIAM’s risk assessment of apps enables Threat Defence to block malware downloads and prevent infections.
  • Block phishing: MI:RIAM’s analysis of all network requests enables zero-day phishing prevention, meaning phishing attacks are blocked, regardless of whether they arrive via email, SMS, or an app.
  • Defend against Man-in-the-Middle attacks: Threat Defence stops hackers from intercepting mobile connections on un-secured Wi-Fi.

Minimum licences amount = 25

Jamf Threat Defence Services

All support and standard onboarding services are inclusive in the licence cost. Please go to our Jamf Services page

Find out more about Jamf Threat Defence

Jamf Threat Defense

What are the threats and security trends impacting real organisations in today's remote working environment

Cloud Security Report 2021

Phishing Trends Report 2021

Jamf Threat Defence - Customer PDF

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Data Policy provides deep insights into mobile data usage as well as policy controls to limit excessive data usage (iOS, iPadOS, Android).

  • Analyse Data Usage: Gain insight with detailed reporting of the sites and apps that are routinely used by your mobile workforce.
  • Ensure Productivity: Limit access to non-business applications as appropriate for your technology use case.
  • Maintain Compliance: Apply IT, HR, and regulatory policies on use both inside and outside the corporate campus.
  • Control Costs: Use end user alerts, data caps, and real-time blocks to prevent data overages and ensure future bills are predictable.
  • Prioritize Business Use: Data Policy helps you understand the split between business and personal use so you can make informed decisions on how to best support your mobile workforce.

Minimum licences amount = 25

Jamf Data Policy Services

All support and standard onboarding services are inclusive in the licence cost. Please go to our Jamf Services page

Find out more about Jamf Data Policy

Jamf Data Policy

Talk to your customers about cost control and risk through extended web filtering of remote users. The Mobile Threat Landscape report provides a better understanding of what challenges customers face.

Jamf Data Policy - Customer PDF

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Private Access is remote access - reimagined beyond VPN. Secure remote access – cloud-hosted, simple, and fast Zero Trust Network Access to your SaaS or internal applications. Protect modern OS (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows 10, Android) against discoverability and reachability of data and apps.

  • Strong Security: Private Access integrates with the client’s Identity Provider to segment traffic and limit access based on user, device and network risks.
  • Enhanced Manageability: Easy to deploy, easy to integrate with IDP, cloud-hosted (no hardware), no certificates or IP addresses to manage.
  • Emphasis on Usability: Lightning-fast connectivity through a dynamic split-tunnel; enabling fast connections, battery-friendly, seamless network transitions, and ease of use.
  • Preserves user Privacy: Split-tunnel connections so personal apps connect directly, while business apps use Private Access.

Minimum licences amount = 25

Jamf Private Access

All support and standard onboarding services are inclusive in the licence cost. Please go to our Jamf Services page

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Please contact your Synnex Jamf Team at jamf@au.synnex-grp.com or contact Jamf Team at anz.sales@jamf.com

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