01-Nov-2004   12:00 AM

Melbourne, Australia (1 November, 2004) – Leading IT Distribution Company Synnex Australia has been appointed by Epson to distribute Epson’s range of printer consumables. This includes ink cartridges, toners, drums, and also its world-renowned paper. The increased product portfolio now complements the current Hewlett Packard consumables range already supplied by Synnex. Synnex established strong ties with Epson last year after distributing its range of personal printers and hardware products.

Epson Sales Manager Stephen Davis said ” The business relationship between Epson and Synnex began last November when we began supplying them with our hardware range. We have found it to be a very fruitful association over the last 12 months. Because of this successful relationship, we have decided to take this next logical step. We are excited about our affiliation developing even further”.

Synnex Managing Director Frank Sheu said. “We have built a strong rapport with Epson and its staff since November 2003. As a manufacturer of such quality products, we take it as a compliment that Epson want to deal with us for this next phase. This takes our consumables range to a whole new level. Our personalised approach and distribution policies have ensured Epson are satisfied with our work. We have worked hard to assist Epson to grow their business and we will provide further incremental growth through OEM and independent retailer segments”.

Arthur Gimises, Synnex’s Regional Sales Manager said, ” We will heavily push the Epson Gold Seal program to encourage resellers to purchase through authorised channels. Additionally, Synnex will implement reseller programs to grow business especially from resellers who are currently selling unauthorised products or third-party compatibles. Synnex commitment will directly enable Epson to continue to focus on maintaining a strong and viable channel of distribution. As a result, this will continue to increase Epson’s market-share and successfully achieve both growth and profitability in the future”. 



 Formed in 1991, MiTAC Australia rapidly expanded from a local PC manufacturer and supplier to a nationwide distribution company specialising in Supply Chain Management. In 1997, MITAC Australasia incorporated under the name Synnex Australia Pty Ltd to reflect its association with Synnex Technology International Corporation, the largest distribution company in the Asia Pacific region and ranked the third largest worldwide.

Today, the worldwide strength of the Synnex group of companies is reflected by their international market share positions. Synnex Australia is highly respected within the IT distribution market in Australia and by the largest IT distributor in Taiwan.  Internationally, Synnex is the third largest IT distributor in Australia, among the top two in China, number one in Thailand and number three in North America. Moreover, it is a major player in Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico and the UK.

Synnex endeavours to service all businesses in the IT industry including SME Resellers, System Integrators, Computer Retailers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Corporate Retailers and VARs. Importantly, Synnex has established strategic partnerships with a large range of leading IT manufacturers.

Synnex differentiates itself from its competitors by its expertise in Supply Chain Management (SCM). The strategic implementation of Just in Time Delivery (JIT) offers scheduled deliveries and an efficient RMA service provides rapid warranty replacement.  Superior SCM also ensures inventory is available and items are current.

Synnex was ranked 20th in BRW's "50 Companies with Good Asset Use" in February 2004. Synnex Australia also achieved a ranking of 596 based on CY2002 results as reported in the 2003 "BRW 1000".


For more information visit the company’s website at www.synnex.com.au or alternatively call 1300 100 100




 Epson Australia Pty Limited began trading in November 1983. Today, Epson's head office is in Sydney with sales offices in Melbourne, Brisbane.

Epson started working on inkjet technology as far back as 1979. Over the last 20 years, Epson has been involved in research and product development in every type of printer technology, from monochrome and colour inkjets to impact and high quality laser printers.

The company's products range across three main groups - printers, scanners and audiovisual equipment. The core advantages of these products can be summed up as incorporating leading-edge technology, performance, affordability and reliability. Epson has been a household name in printers almost from the beginning. It has had a considerable share of the printer market over the years and currently with its top range of leading-edge colour imaging products.

In 1994, EPSON introduced its first colour inkjet printer, the EPSON Stylus.

Epson has developed a range of colour imaging scanners, allowing pictures to be edited on a PC screen and then printed on a colour inkjet printer. Thus, a total colour solution is now available.

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