July 5, 2018 – Toshiba Electronic Components Taiwan Corporation (hereinafter: Toshiba) and Synnex Australia today announce the channel collaboration of Toshiba internal hard drive products and after-sales services for the Australian and New Zealand region.

Synnex Australia, a leading IT solutions provider with over 6,000 channel partners, has been appointed the authorised distributor of the full range of internal Toshiba hard drive products in Australia and New Zealand.  Toshiba, one of the leading storage companies, offers higher capacity and performance specification hard drives. In the consumer’s product line, a new colour label system has been designed for each internal drive category to identify the usage and device application for easier selection.

Through this collaboration, both Toshiba and Synnex will deliver high quality value adding storage solutions, reinforcing their commitment to maintaining the brand’s product performance and reliability.  Synnex’s strong channel heritage further optimises the products and services availability in the region.

“This alignment provides additional offerings for the system builders, surveillance and NAS market, expanding our reach and opening up opportunities to wider vertical markets” says Darren Tan, Synnex Australia Product Management and Marketing Director. 

“We are pleased to have Synnex Australia as our channel collaboration partner to serve the Australian and New Zealand market. It is critical to build our channel with distributors we can trust as we are always looking at ways to better serve and bring the products and services to the market for better support”, says Takayoshi Tokushima, Director of Storage Products Marketing Group at Toshiba Electronic Components Taiwan Corporation.  

Tokushima adds further, “Synnex has strong channel strategy and capability of providing technology solutions. We see great importance and opportunities to the varied needs in today’s storage marketplace. Teaming up with Synnex will enable more resellers and customers to benefit and we are positive about this synergy to reach more potential in the marketplace.” 

Toshiba’s recent launch of their new 6 series consumer internal hard drives; the P300 Desktop PC Hard Drive, L200 Laptop PC Hard Drive, X300 Performance Hard Drive, N300 NAS Hard Drive, S300 Surveillance Hard Drive and V300 Video Streaming Hard Drive, delivers the capacity and performance needed for today’s consumer storage applications.

With added features and upgrades, the new Toshiba hard drive products are models of high performance, capacity, reliability, endurance and scalability with state of the art technology suitable for the home and workplace. 

This new line up comes with a colour range for each category; both the P300 and L200 in a red desktop/laptop PC label, the X300 in a silver performance label, the N300 in a gold NAS label, the S300 hard drive series boasts a green surveillance label and the V300 hard drive series comes in a blue video streaming label.

The added colour branding element of this line up creates an easy to identify, consumer friendly experience with colour coded labels allowing buyers to pick the right drives for their storage needs.

This product range available through Synnex Australia is out now. For more information on Synnex Australia, please visit www.synnex.com.au.

For more information on Toshiba Consumer Storage Solutions, please visit www.toshiba-storage.asia


About Toshiba Electronic Components Taiwan Corporation (TET)

Toshiba Electronic Components Taiwan Corporation is responsible for the sales and marketing promotion and support of Toshiba hard disk drives and Toshiba External HDDs in Taiwan, China and Southeast Asian countries. TET is the best partner to Enterprise server, storage and notebook computers, and its mission is to offer the best service and products embodying the highest quality and most leading-edge technology. For more information, visit us at http://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/ap-en/product/storage-products.html


About Synnex Australia

Synnex Australia is one of the leading IT solutions providers and trusted partner of choice in Australia and New Zealand. Synnex Australia has grown steadily, working with over 6,000 channel partners and is endorsed by more than 80 leading technology vendors to provide an extensive suite of end-to end IT and cloud solutions that support the traditional and emerging markets.

Synnex Australia’s strategy is channel first. With a combination of local experience and global expertise, this ensures the channel stays relevant and at the forefront of the ever-changing technology landscape. To learn more, visit Synnex Australia at www.synnex.com.au.

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