17th February 2014, Melbourne, Synnex Australia has launched a brand new eCommerce portal which will further enhance the reseller experience of doing business with Synnex.

Synnex CEO, Kee Ong said “This brand new eCommerce portal is a result of actively listening to our customer’s feedback.” Ong explained further that Synnex had started building the new portal from scratch since September 2012. “From the concept planning stage through to the end-to-end testing, I’m certain the new eCommerce portal can benefit our customers by upgrading the customer experience level with Synnex.” Ong added.

The new eCommerce portal is built locally for local needs. The key features are designed specifically for Australian resellers. They include:

- Personalised content

- Secure customer login and account management

- Comprehensive product information and specifications

- Comprehensive list of promotions and deals

A hassle free transition from the current website to the new portal will allow Synnex’s 7,000 customers to immediately enjoy all the brand new features. Ong said, “Our customers can use their same login details to continue doing business with Synnex, but with significant improvements on efficiency and user friendliness.” The Synnex Sales teams are well trained and equipped with a FAQ menu to handle any customer enquiries for this new eCommerce portal. Ong remarked, “Synnex is committed to continuous improvement and investments for the benefit of the channel.”

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