The Rise to the Top

From humble family beginings, Techware is beating the crowd by transitioning into a powerhouse and capitialising on the power of the cloud.

Need to know

Established as a family business in 1991, Techware began as a wholesaler, building and assembling PCs with their strong company values of owning the process and result, embracing technology change and treating customers like part of the family.

Synnex has a long-standing partnership with Techware expanding over 20 years; helping them expand and scale.

One step forward

In late 2010, Techware introduced their managed services strategy. Hardware was still highly favourable in the industry around this time however, Techware recognised the true potential and capabilities of managed services. 

They saw a shift in industry trends as key players were selling their products directly to end-users. The end of life trend of reselling only hardware products was near and Techware found they could no longer whole sell to resellers. It was time for them to train up their staff and embark on the cloud journey.

Transitioning from a SMB focus to mainly targeting medium sized businesses across industries, Techware fully transitioned with Synnex into a managed service provider 5 years ago and have never looked back.

The right vision for business growth

For the family business to succeed in the industry, this meant implementing IT infrastructure that efficiently supported their transition. At first, the Techware staff had a traditional scope and perspective of the cloud transformation.

“Now, all of our staff want customers to move to the cloud because they know the real benefits. There’s less of a burden, issues are minimised, and customers are drawn by the great cost effectiveness of this solution”, says Vivian Sia, Techware Chief Commercial Officer.

“Synnex organically grew as a solutions aggregator, which made the cloud solution stand out to us from others in the market. The Synnex e-commerce platform is easy to order through and if ever we wanted other offerings that Synnex at the time didn’t have, the team would do everything they could to accommodate this. They welcome feedback and we’re confident that the team will take what we say on board – this gives us a sense of loyalty”.

Delivering true value

Initially, it took some time to sign customers onto the Techware managed services contract, but once they heavily invested through Synnex, they began to see an increase in customers requesting their services to transitioning into the cloud. Leveraging the power of the cloud, Techware offer businesses with effective solutions that meet specific business needs.

“From the get go, we share with businesses the direction we see them headed and where the future of technology is going. Whether they want to adopt early or later is completely up to them”.

“We don’t force our customers when it comes to the cloud, but we look at their needs and customise our services, so they always stay”, Sia says.

55% growth in 2017 and double the staff

Reducing the need to purchase and maintain on-premise products thanks to the cloud, Techware have lowered their expenses and maximised capital. “When managing the whole network for customers, we really need to have the right tools in place and Synnex enables us to do so”, Sia says.

“We have the target to move 100% to the cloud and this process is already well underway”.

“With any issues we may face, the Synnex team always go the extra mile to ensure we feel confident in what we do. The relationship we have fostered with the leadership team over the years has translated through the outcomes of our projects as the business of our partners continue to improve”.

“For example, when we had over 200 faulty motherboards, the team at Synnex personally intervened and went above and beyond by speaking with our team and partners to help deescalate the situation”.

Embarking on this new season with Synnex has increased Techware’s exposure to new services and technology they can offer. “It’s like we’re developing into a new company. We’re looking to now rebrand and ensure our brand reflects who we are now and who we are developing into”.

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