Empowering People with a Frustration Free Environment

Beginning in 2006 from a small garage in Melbourne’s north, founder Adam Centorrino identified a gap in the market and knew he had what it took to disrupt the MSP industry.

Centorrino Technologies is no stranger to the digital transformation boom.  Diving into the as-a-service model four years ago, this hasn’t been a smooth sailing journey for CT, but they have taken on the challenge head first.

It took some time and risks for CT to integrate the TaaS model and have it successfully running across their business.

Managing Director, Adam Centorrino, admits that they didn’t get it off the ground perfectly on day one, experiencing several issues:

  1. Four years ago, CT found that there weren’t as many companies offering hardware, software and services all together, identifying the demand wasn’t there.
  2. Getting the internal systems up to speed took some time.
  3. Finance partners weren’t providing funding for software or services. CT found it extremely difficult to look for supportive finance partners and had to internally finance a large amount of the transitional costs.

“We were self-funding and had to go through the legal channels to figure out what we had to put in the agreements. We had to speak with traditional banks about the processes”, Adam explained.  

The trigger point

The whole reasoning behind why CT jumped on the TaaS model was because there were so many box-movers out there selling hardware with low margins, making it difficult for traditional MSPs like CT that have a large portion of revenue stapled to hardware.

With an ever-expanding customer base and a rapidly growing team, it was critical that CT continued to offer new products and services for their customers. CT found themselves asking two key questions:

  1. How much risk do we want to take on as a business?
  2. What type of clients are we funding this for?

A new direction forward

With monthly recurring bills taken care of through the support of trusted vendors and our TaaS program, CT had peace of mind.

As time went on, the market started to improve and in turn, the business evolved.

“As an organisation, we found ourselves having to set budgets and targets based on previous years with almighty spikes in hardware. However, in sequential years, we could sell the same amount of hardware over a monthly retainer, so there wasn’t as much of a big spike,” Adam explains.

Adam says the Synnex TaaS program has corrected the traditional managed services process and made it easier for CT to do business.

“This [Synnex TaaS] is a much more profitable model than selling boxes,” Adam says.


Chasing transformation

To be a disrupter, drive needs to be in the DNA and culture of an organisation.

Today, CT deliver managed IT services, private, public, hybrid and on-premise cloud-based solutions, dedicated web hosting, enterprise ISP, collaboration solutions, consulting services, specialised training and more.

They exist to empower every person from the classroom to the boardroom, by creating an environment where people love their work and can deliver over and above customer expectations.

As a result, CT have a 98.75% average customer satisfaction score.

CT’s comprehensive and all-encompassing service offering provides organisations with the ability to obtain an outsourced IT department with minimal in-house resources and tailor to individual needs.

Partners that can have that end to end story - manage devices, manage the security and manage the systems - and have it all as a service by a per month subscription fee is leading and driving the market. In this respect, Centorrino Technologies remain ahead of the crowd.


Need to know: Established in 2006, Centorrino Technologies (CT) has become a Managed Service Provider with a team of 90 across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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