29-May-2014   11:00 AM

Synnex to distribute new generation of Getac X500 hardware

29th May 2014, Melbourne, Synnex Australia to distribute new generation of Getac X500 hardware.

Getac has announced upgrades to its X500 fully rugged notebook and X500 fully rugged mobile server products, which are distributed by Synnex. 

The upgrades will see the X500 notebook gain a 55 percent increase in CPU power and a 286 percent increase in graphics processing over its predecessor.

The upgraded mobile server will see similar upgrades with the server-class laptop CPU power rising almost 136 percent.

Synnex Australia product manager Andrew Yu said the distie was expecting the upgraded X500 line to find use through both government and private enterprises.

"Growing numbers of government organisations and private enterprises have a need to be able to construct outdoor ad-hoc command centres during emergencies."

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