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Synnex Australia launches the Synnex Cloud Automation Platform to its Channel Partners.

Melbourne, Australia - 8 March 2016

Synnex Australia launches the Synnex Cloud Automation Platform to its Channel Partners.

The Synnex Cloud Platform launch will kick off with the National Cloud Roadshow starting on 10th March in Sydney. Synnex will present to Channel Partners how easy it is to provision and manage their Cloud business, order Cloud IaaS and SaaS services on demand, upsell and cross sell, and attach hardware with Cloud Bundles under one platform.

Kee Ong - CEO of Synnex Australia & New Zealand says “With the new Synnex Cloud Automation platform, we are offering an upsell opportunity for our partners to bundle Cloud solutions with their existing hardware and software sale.  Channel Partners can establish a great recurring business model. This platform also offers significant value to Cloud resellers to transact, provision and manage their cloud business under one fully integrated portal. More Cloud vendors are strategically partnering with Synnex due to our reach in the APAC region”.

The current Synnex Cloud Vendor portfolio includes IBM Softlayer, Rackspace, Cirius, Nomadesk, BitTitan, Fenestrae, Egnyte and many others in the pipeline.  Angus Dorney, Rackspace ANZ Senior Director and GM says “At Rackspace, we’re seeing intelligent partnerships and creative solutions as vitally important towards meeting our customers’ increasingly complex and individual cloud requirements.  What stands out about this partnership is the opportunity for Rackspace to provide tailored managed services, in an easy and automated package for our channel partners. Resellers and agencies can use one platform to manage all of their cloud accounts, with the assurance that they can call on our team at anytime. They get the best of both worlds.”

Part of the Synnex Cloud Strategy is to help Partners bundle Cloud SaaS products such as Cirius with hardware.  The Cirius Try before you Buy option has been fully integrated into the Synnex Cloud Platform.  “We are excited about the partnership with Synnex and the opportunity it represents for both channel partners and clients in the Asia Pacific market. The demand for secure messaging is rapidly increasing and Synnex is ideally positioned to provide distribution, sales support and service for businesses that need to send and track secure email, share large files and manage a secure e-signature workflow on any device.” said Josef Lara, SVP Business Development from Cirius Messaging Inc.

As the Synnex Cloud Automation Platform is being rolled out into other APAC Countries, the distributor can offer Cloud SaaS vendors such as Nomadesk, Fenestrae and other Cloud ISV’s a strong marketing capability and reach in the APAC region.  Filip Tack, Nomadesk CEO says "Reaching professional customers through distribution is strategic to Nomadesk.  That is why we seek collaboration with tier-one distributors that embrace SaaS, to propel our global expansion.  We are privileged that Synnex has chosen to integrate the Nomadesk business file sharing and synchronization software into its marketplace.  Our partnership will undoubtedly boost the Nomadesk presence, and sales, in the Asia-Pacific market."

The Udocx Cloud SaaS solution allows Synnex Channel Partners to bundle Cloud Scanning software with existing Multifunction Devices to scan directly into many repositories.  John Duurkoop, Fenestrae Director of Sales, “We are convinced that with Synnex we have found an excellent SaaS Distributor for Fenestrae Udocx in the APAC region. By being part of the Synnex Cloud Platform, Udocx allows organizations to gain full advantage of efficient digitizing documents, while also providing Fenestrae with a reliable partner that offers convenient digitization solutions to both Synnex resellers and their end-users.”

Synnex recently signed a distribution agreement with Abbyy to allow Channel Partners to bundle hardware and upsell with Cloud Software.  Henry Patishman, ABBYY Australasia Sales Director, “At ABBYY we are proud to be partnering with Synnex Australia and their revolutionary approach to facilitate Cloud offerings through the traditional reseller channel.  Via this platform ABBYY will be offering ESD licensing for our world-leading range of desktop OCR and PDF products as well as developing numerous enhanced SaaS offerings targeted for specific Data Capture, Document Conversion and Linguistic tasks.”

About Synnex

Synnex Australia Pty Ltd is the largest ICT distributor in the Australian market, providing quality branded computer, IT devices, telecom products, servers, components, peripherals, imaging and printing, consumables, networking, storage, software, enterprise solutions, volume licensing and Cloud services. Synnex Australia commits ourselves as a world-class leader in ICT distribution. Through our established strategic partnerships with leading ICT manufacturers, we are dedicated to offering our customers a wide range of products and solutions backed by comprehensive infrastructure, knowledgeable support, competitive pricing and superior services. Synnex Australia Pty Ltd is a division of Synnex Technology International Corporation, the largest IT distribution company in the Asia Pacific region and ranked third largest worldwide. In Australia, we service over 8,000 resellers, all business types in the IT industry businesses including SME Resellers, System Integrators, Computer Retailers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Corporate Retailers, National Retailers and VARs.

For more information on Synnex, please visit www.synnex.com.au.

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