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Synnex Australia launches Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) with Microsoft, Lenovo and HP


September 3, 2018 – As the only solutions aggregator that combines everything into one single platform, Synnex Australia’s Technology-as-a-service (TaaS) offering is set to make it easier for partners to launch anything as a service offering. Synnex has a first mover advantage by introducing the foundations of finance in partnership with Managed Services Finance. 

Synnex launches TaaS in partnership with Microsoft, Lenovo and HP to enable all resellers to offer solutions under a monthly services bill. The Synnex TaaS offering allows partners to provide key services like hardware, software, licensing, managed services and cloud subscriptions, under one log in, one check out, one single monthly bill and one payment.

Chief procurement officers are investing heavily in end-to-end solutions that support their strategies and with a very low minimum finance entry point of $1,000 across 12 to 60-month terms, TaaS makes the complete device management lifecycle flexible and easier to achieve; built to manage hardware, software and cloud that supports this.

“We are thrilled to extend our holistic end-to-end solutions model with TaaS; allowing partners to differentiate themselves amongst all other MSPs who are trying to achieve a common goal”, said Darren Tan, Synnex Australia Product Marketing Director.

Collaborating with the service provider Renew IT, Synnex deliver lifecycle IT solutions that improve overall efficiencies with a buyback program, customisable pre-deployment, deployment and end of life and lease services. This buyback program can be activated at any point in a contract, accompanied by data destruction services that ensure data privacy and protection as well as the proper disposal of equipment.

"We have achieved a global first to integrate finance approval and settlement automation in a distribution partner platform. This gives our resellers extreme flexibility to put hardware, software, licensing, services and cloud under a single monthly services bill”, said Synnex Australia Ecommerce and Cloud Services General Manager Michael Tea.

Synnex is hosting a TaaS event this September in both Melbourne and Sydney where partners can learn more about flexible service programs for the channel. To learn more about the Synnex TaaS events, please visit www.synnex.com.au/go/taas-events.

About Synnex Australia

Synnex Australia is one of the leading IT solutions providers and trusted partner of choice in Australia and New Zealand. Synnex has grown steadily working with over 6,000 channel partners and is endorsed by more than 80 leading technology vendors to provide an extensive suite of end-to end IT and Cloud solutions that support the traditional and emerging markets.

Synnex’s strategy is Channel first. With a combination of local experience and global expertise, this ensures the channel stays relevant and at the forefront of the ever-changing technology landscape. To learn more, visit Synnex at www.synnex.com.au.

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