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The main goal of any company is ensuring technology is kept up-to-date, secure and cost-effective. Long gone are days when professionals are limited to one single device in a working environment, with the use of multiple devices and platforms that serve diverse purposes now commonplace.

With the rise in the number of devices from desktops and laptops to smart phones and more, it has become increasingly complex to manage the lifecycle of IT assets with over 62 per cent of chief procurement officers who do not believe their team have the skills and capabilities to deliver their procurement strategy. Now more than ever, IT experts are challenged to develop solutions that control, manage, maintain and support this shift in device usage and allow professionals in all areas of business to do what they do best.

With market predications and anticipated significant growth, device-as-a-service (DaaS) tackles this pressing challenge. Transforming the way devices are managed and sold, DaaS enable partners to provide key services like hardware, software procurement, licensing and provisioning, under a single monthly bill.

DaaS substitutes ownership for access as partners can scale their devices, services and software up and down as needed, creating a customer base that builds brand loyalty. Synnex take this a step farther with subscription-based services and lifecycle management as the only solutions aggregator that combine everything into one with Synnex’s Technology-as-a-service (TaaS). This makes the complete lifecycle flexible and easier to manage throughout a contract period.



As mature as it may be in the print and copy sectors, DaaS is attracting attention and grabbing headlines. The shift in the market focus from services for print and software to networking and even tailored to boardroom requirements, attest the evolving service model. Applying TaaS to business tactics and operating models is the way forward in IT, and here’s why. Partners can bundle multiple devices and services onto a single bill. What makes TaaS unique from other programs is that this can be done through one log in, one check out and under one payment. It’s that simple.

Synnex have partnered up with a service provider who deliver lifecycle IT solutions that improve overall efficiencies with customisable pre-deployment, deployment and end of life and lease services. With their renowned methodology, this service provider run a buyback program for Synnex partners to enjoy the benefits of a complete lifecycle management offering. This buyback program can be activated at any point in a contract, accompanied by data destruction services that ensure data privacy and protection.


TaaS exclusive offering

Through Technology-as-a-service, partners can:

- Bundle their own unique professional services; exclusive support packages, warranty packages and technical support packages under a monthly subscription bill,

- Receive expertise management all in one contract,

- Differentiate themselves amongst all the other managed service providers (MSPs) who are trying to achieve a common goal,

- Pay only for what they want by customising their specialised professional services and,

- Have the flexibility in increasing or decreasing device numbers through the buyback program.

TaaS takes a familiar model that exists with other as-as-service offerings but combines the benefits with greater ease. With 80% of device costs occurring after purchase, the TaaS model gives the IT industry a single service source to procure devices, software and support. TaaS is built to manage hardware and the software that supports this, allowing channel partners to dispense services under the one single contract.  

TaaS protects companies against vulnerabilities. With their influence spaning across industries, the wide usability scale of the TaaS model guarantees protection by guarding companies from over investing up front to protect their capital as their IT assets scale with them. With the buy-back program and cost-effectiveness of TaaS, partners can invest more into software’s that prevent sensitive data getting in the wrong hands and the breach of security.



TaaS has a life cycle management predictability as customers pay monthly, which makes calculations more certain and gives businesses the extra confidence in the unique services they need. TaaS goes above and beyond the typical TaaS subscription, fully optimising an IT environment that’s partner specific. With the reduction in help desk volume, policy compliance and increase of end-user productivity, TaaS allows companies to invest now rather than later.

Companies can invest less capital upfront on technology and refresh the devices they use more often with a minimum spend of only $1,000. For instance, instead of buying computers with the plan to have them for 8 years and own, the TaaS model would allow a company to have these computers refreshed every two years. This ensures utilising better-quality technology more frequently, without the expenditure upfront.

The TaaS lifecycle is flexible, efficient and innovative for:  

- Hardware and software; with new devices and software’s accessed sooner, while also decreasing capital expenditure (capex),

- Finance; with a single monthly bill that only has a minimum of $1k,

- Configuration; as the buyback program facilitates the scale up and down of devices, rather than having to wait until the end of the finance contract and,

- Services; with packages that can be bundled in where all the resellers GP is.

Who can benefit from TaaS?

IT specialists are expected to develop solutions that fit both the needs of the user and the capability of the business, which is where TaaS comes to play. This is a solution for partners interested in switching from capex to operating expense (opex), helping companies of all shapes and sizes become more cost effective and invest in strategic initiatives that drive revenue and growth. TaaS is a fitting opportunity to enable partners who are seeking direction on providing the right device and software that fit their needs. Partners can choose contract terms that deploy their requirements, ranging from a maintenance contract or opting for a fully managed service with the ability to scale device deployment both up or down to house seasonal influx or changes in industries.

Anyone who sells hardware services right now from medium to enterprise sizes, are a perfect fit for TaaS that’s fully integrated into the Synnex e-commerce partner portal. This integration allows for quick pre-approval and immediate visibility for valuable information with peace of mind. SMBs can outsource their device procurement and lifecycle management to Synnex, with end-of-life processes and regular device updates. TaaS enables a unique package deal so companies who do not have the resources or capital to manage, can invest their time and resources into strategies that run their business smoothly. This maximises true potential by giving companies the freedom to focus more time and effort on tasks beyond the day-to-day management of devices.


With the combination of sophisticated infrastructure and expertise know-how, Synnex have partnered with Microsoft, Lenovo and HP and are seeing the lucrative capabilities of TaaS; exposing channel partners to solutions that win, increase value and add a competitive edge. This model hasn’t come easy. Collaborating with a specialised finance company, the dedicated Synnex team have worked hard to ensure TaaS is the best quality for partners. TaaS is a natural evolution for customers who want to better manage cashflow, but the real value comes through the reduced management overhead. Synnex’s expertise and success track record in finance solutions has pushed this new innovative solution that align with current market trends.

Teaming up with Synnex through TaaS, new and current partners are enabled to provide robust end-user experiences for both on-site and remote needs. Synnex’s value in cloud services and end-to-end solutions make them a compelling option for partners as TaaS has the capability to impact most if not all channel players and challenge them to step out of their current scope.

Whether a business is open to TaaS or lagging behind, developments in this space will continue to grow and competition will continue to rise. Although some may find this new trend difficult to adjust to as it shifts the traditional system of device use, thought leaders confronted by this development are jumping on the bandwagon, adapting with the times and transforming the way businesses are run. Synnex have taken the responsibility to create a solution that keeps up with this growth, allowing companies to invest on strategies that meet their needs.

Businesses must always keep challenging themselves to be and do better and innovation is at the heart of this. End-users must see the value in what businesses adapt in. So, what is the device potential of TaaS? Augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, the potential is infinite and Synnex expect to always be ahead of the game.

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