25-Nov-2009   3:28 PM

Australian arm going strong.
NYSE-listed Synnex Technology International has announced record high earnings for the thirdquarter of 2009.The consolidated financial results for Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Australian and New Zealandbusiness ending September 30th was AU$2.2 billion - an increase of 25 percent over last year.

The figures were a record high for Synnex for both revenue and profit for the quarter, the company said.

Moreover, Synnex has reported double digit growth in the first three quarters of 2009 over the same period last year.

A breakdown of local figures were unavailable however Kee Ong, CEO for Synnex Australia said Synnex Australia took a long term view of the future and invested in infrastructure, logistics, business processes and e-commerce facilities.

"It's really good to see it paying off," said Ong.

This year alone Synnex Australia has signed a number of agreements with vendors including Brother, Eaton, Navigon, Gateway, Hybrid Television Services, Bullguard and Steelseries.

Agreements with companies such as HP and Acer have been extended, the company said.

"The team at Synnex has worked extremely hard and we look forward to future growth here in Australia," said Ong.

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