Australian Packaging Covenant

Synnex Australia has been a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (previously known as National Packaging Covenant ) since September 2007. Synnex commits to the full requirement of NPC by action plan submission and yearly reporting.

As a distributor of consumer IT products with extensive network in Australia, Synnex Australia holds the vision that proper management of global resources and protection of the environment is crucial for the long term prospect and development of self and of the industry. Synnex Australia also recognises its position in the discharge and obligation of good environmental practices.

It is the strategic vision of Synnex Australia to:

Click here for the Synnex 5-year Action Plan committed to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC), which covers the period from Oct 2010 to Sept 2015.

Click here for the Synnex 2013 Anuual Report to APC (Australian Packaging Covenant).

Product Stewardship (TV, computers, computer products) Scheme

Synnex has signed up with an approved Co Regulatory Arrangement Administrator to run the scheme from June 2012, for achieving the recycling target of electronic waste set out by the Australian Government.

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