2.0+ Billion

Connected Devices

45+ Million

Sessions Daily



> 240 Million

Active Users

Provide remote access for your Employees in just over 10 Minutes

Keep your employees safe and away from harmful environments by empowering them to work remotely. TeamViewer allows you to assign appropriate user access rights to employees so that they can get full desktop access to their work computers and network servers, right from their mobile devices or laptop computers.

TeamViewer Business Continuity includes:


20Remote Access
Users & Above

TeamViewer Business Continuity provides manageability,
reporting and security on a single console

Best-in-class device coverage

TeamViewer has the highest total combined coverage of 127 manufacturers for mobile devices and operating systems compared to other solutions in the market.

Quickest in File Transfer

TeamViewer can transfer more Mega-Bytes of data per second (MBps) than any of the other applications in the market. It’s the fastest in transferring a larger compressible file, at over 6 Mega-Bytes per second.

Source: “TeamViewer 14 Competitive Performance Evaluation,” July 26, 2019, study conducted by Qualitest,
the world’s largest, independent quality assurance company

Empower Your Employees to Work from Anywhere, at Any Time, and Keep Them Safe

Remote Access Tools

Teamviewer allows your employees to work from home, away from your office desk and in a safe environment. With TeamViewer remote access tools, you can stay productive no matter where you are.

A VPN Alternative

Connect to your desktop remotely without slow VPN or network security restrictions getting in your way. With TeamViewer, you get a VPN alternative that’s simple, affordable, and secure. Log in to access your desktop computer remotely.

On The Go Mobile Access

Not near your desk at work or laptop? Use the TeamViewer mobile app for iOS, Android, or Windows mobile. Connect instantly from mobile devices to any remote desktop, access your files and desktop apps.

Support Multiple Platforms

With cross-platform support for MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS and multiple Windows versions, TeamViewer Tensor offers your enterprise the flexibility to provide remote support and remote access to employees, no matter where they are or what operating system they’re using.

Securely connect to desktop computers or servers inside your firewall

Engineered with cloud-based network compression and end-to-end encryption with 256-bit RSA keys and complete integration with your company’s Active Directory or SAML identity provider, TeamViewer Tensor enables your team to reach their desktop computers or servers inside your firewall securely from anywhere, using any internet connected laptop or just their handheld mobile devices running the TeamViewer app.

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