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Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise

Get the world's first software to run Windows directly on a Chrome Enterprise device.

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Parallels Remote Application Server

Access and use applications and data from any device & OS, from anywhere.

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Parallels Desktop Business Edition

Run Windows on Mac with the best performance: for professionals, teams, and IT managers.

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Access all your applications, files and computer all on one place.

Run full-featured Windows apps on your Enterprise Chromebook - even offline.

How to Run Windows on Mac: Parallels Desktop for Mac

Parallels RAS is a streamlined remote working solution that provides secure access to virtual desktops and applications

Enable access, efficiency & performance

Deliver familiar full-featured Windows apps to your teams’ Chromebooks so they can be fully operational wherever they’re working – at home, in transit, even offline.

Ensure security & reliability

Reduced IT burden and eliminate stress leveraging Google’s advanced security, audit and Parallels’ unique cross-platform expertise

Meet budget without making compromises

Implement an affordable hardware solution without sacrificing the tools, connectivity or computing power that drive your business forward.

Remote Working

Allow employees to switch between devices and locations, increasing productivity and satisfaction. Parallels RAS provides seamless access to virtual apps and desktops anywhere, anytime.

Enhanced Data Security

Protecting data is crucial to organizations—any loss can result in huge costs. Parallels RAS reinforces security by centralizing and managing data access.

IT Agility

Increase the agility of your IT infrastructure to address business demands in real time. Parallels RAS provides central management for multi-cloud deployments and Windows Virtual Desktop, enabling scaling on demand.

Productivity Perfected

Use your macOS and Windows OS, side-by-side, without ever having to pause productivity to reboot or to connect to a server. Share files and folders seamlessly between applications with easy drag and drop or copy and paste functionality. Leverage macOS QuickLook to quickly preview most file types from within File Explorer and tap into Dictionary to look up words or add words fast.

Get to Work, Fast

Run graphic-heavy and resource-hungry Windows applications seamlessly without slowing down your Mac.

Complete Compatibility

Run business-critical applications without trade-offs—Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Quicken and QuickBooks for Windows, Internet Explorer, SAP products, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, Autodesk products and more! Parallels Desktop 16 delivers the world’s first 3D support to bring Maps, Pages, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and more.