Synnex IoT Overview

Synnex is positioned to break down the barriers of complexity in the IoT market. Our offerings are focused on the ecosystem than simply on standalone components. We bring together a range of IoT products that include embedded components/computers, devices, data hosting infrastructure, security, analytics and applications.

As a ICT distributor, we have capability to source, configure and deliver the right mix of parts and customizations to actualize the solutions, in order to allow channels and designers to get their IoT products to market. We facilitate partners with offering off the shelf and customized solutions. By offering IoT building blocks we enable channels and designers to quickly develop and build inexpensive IoT applications and solution offerings to the end customers by aligning the blocks rather than going through complicated process.


As an aggregator, Synnex offers one stop IoT shopping to help clients across industries harness, keep them drive innovation, competitive differentiation and profitability in today's highly competitive business world.

Our product ranges to reduces the complexities and costs involved with IoT service enablement by offering the following competitive advantages:

  • End-to-end product offerings
  • System prebuild and configuration
  • Cloud-based service
  • Increased business value
  • Easy, fast integration
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Support services

Business Opportunities

Statistics predicted this market to be worth a prodigious trillion by 2020 and 50 billion of connected devices. With the potential business opportunity and by the market trend of any physical object to become connected, the IoT gazes set to show an impact on technology industry.

The key business opportunities in the verticals, from retail, digital signage, real time location service (RTLS), agriculture, dairy farm automation, smart home/building, healthcare, Industrial IoT, smart wearables, energy and so on. We’re going to realize an increasing multitude of these verticals and connected appliances demand now and in future.


The industry needed to collaborate, in part because the characteristic complexity of IoT solutions means that attempting to build unaccompanied is not an option. The major challenge in this exciting market is the cost and complexity of bundling together the various components of the IoT as each with its own distinctive feature and often with problematical development environments and data arrangements.

Synnex IoT initiative means WIN-WIN situation for all parties. We could spin short-term business benefits though; our ultimate goal is setting foundations for these growing IoT businesses.

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Business Opportunities

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