Drive your business with Digital Marketing Automation


  • Increase profit and efficiency by automating your lead generation and customer retention activities
  • Pre-filled licensing and software renewals data to help you close your opportunities
  • Pre-built templates customised specially for Synnex partners
  • Special NFR offer exclusive to Synnex partners

End Customers

  • Manage and optimize all the stages of the customer experience
  • Follow the money by attributing marketing spend to revenue
  • Track each prospect’s activity from initial engagement and conversions to closed sales and repeat sales, and beyond
  • Report on campaigns, from high levels to detailed drilldowns

Marketing Automation for Different Personas

  • CMO

    Broaden the executive vision of operations, drive sales opportunities and enable ROI accountability across the company.

    Features of Act-On will help generate more demand for your company's products and services which by extension, will drive more sales.

    Building buyer relationships at scale and Marketing's impact to revenue goals

  • Marketing Administrators

    Finally, a Marketing automation platform with a broad scope that spans outbound and inbound tactics, lead generation and nurturing strategies, customer lifecycle optimization and advocacy programs.

    Marketing administrators have the ability to: 1. Add, delete and edit marketing and sales users to different workspaces 2. Apply security measures 3. Assign folders to sales in all email templates

    By using Act-On, focus on your digital marketing strategies instead of spending time executing all your marketing plans. Act-On provides campaign templates and enablement tools for your marketing team.

  • MarketingUsers

    Marketing efforts can be seen, known, measured and optimized based on hard data. It's all available in the platform, it's quick to learn, easy to use, and can be set up without involving the IT department. Zero-setup database takes the pain out of list management and includes website visitor tracking.

    1. Create and run campaigns, webinars, forms and landing pages 2. A/B testing, inbound features, reports and collateral creations

    Ease of use for any marketing user to implement and action marketing campaigns. Purpose built for marketers, the platform has the functionality of marketing automation without the complexity of big enterprise systems.

  • Sales Users

    From a single platform, on board new customers, upsell and cross sell , use the platform to monitor your customers in order to increase your retention, score and identify brand advocates.

    1. Access to lead activity of contacts and send marketing emails 2. Access Act-On directly from CRM dashboard 3. Visibility on website visitors 4. Receive alerts notifying you when specific companies or people visit your site

    Every contact in your database will hold a record of all their activities and the level of their engagement. By understanding what prospective buyers are doing, it enables sales teams to reach out to buyers effectively.

How to Grow your Business with Act-On

Deploy Content to Attract Visitors

Create landing pages and report on the activity within the page.

Increase Conversions with Automation

Build automated drip programs and nurture campaigns to nurture your prospects.

Convert Visitors with Compelling Offers

Create forms with custom fields to learn more about your prospects, build their profiles, and gain their trust.

Empower Sales to Close More Deals

Leverage specific Act-On features to help your sales team to engage with their assigned leads and customers.

Act-On is among the leaders in the Forrester’s Lead to Revenue Management Platform Review.

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  • Generate and nurture highly qualified leads and align more effectively with sales
  • Execute integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns with ease
  • Make better marketing decisions, faster
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