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Over the past year, the impact of COVID-19 has highlighted that businesses who embrace digital transformation are more resilient when faced with challenges and have a greater ability to pivot their business model at a faster rate.

Driven by the fundamental shift in consumer behaviour, we have seen organisations invest more in digital solutions than any other business continuity measure.

In our 2021 May Cloud Insider, we spoke to IT experts; Avast, Barracuda, CloudM, Freshworks, Microsoft, Printix and Xen Technologies on their views on how to navigate through looming perils to maintain business continuity, while nurturing long term growth.

In this edition, learn about:

  • Driving resilience and business continuity
  • Key cloud channel priorities
  • Securing long term growth
  • Leveraging cloud and finance solutions
  • How an MSP grew their business during a global crisis

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87% of companies are adopting a hybrid cloud strategy, using more than four cloud platforms.
Source: Gartner