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Accurate time and attendance
tracking for payroll

Replace your attendance book

Allow your employees to check in via the iPad or the free Sine mobile app at site.

Improve time tracking

Let Sine track the amount of time your staff have spent on site for more accurate payroll.

Protect your employees

Contact trace all visitors, contractors and staff for a protected workplace.

Return to work sooner and safer

Pre-screen before arrival

Protect your workplace with pre-screening of all arrivals including staff, visitors and contractors, before they step on site.

Contactless Sign-In

Maintain social distancing with a range of touchless sign-in options, including Fast Track QR and geofencing.

Contact Tracing

Quickly contact trace suspected cases with full visibility and automatic logging of all movements through your site.

Capacity Management

Aid social distancing and compliance with guidelines, using capacity monitoring from the Sine Dashboard.

Contactless, contact tracing check-in with the mobile app

The free Sine Pro mobile app enables visitors to check in and out of your site swiftly without contact, and without hardware. Create COVID-19 check-in questions for your visitors and keep your site safe. Receive notifications when your visitor arrives and choose to accept or reject with custom messages.

Use the mobile app to check in from site postserAll visitors can scan a QR code from a site poster placed at the facility to check in and out from using the Sine Pro mobile app. An iPad is not required and site managers will be alerted each time a visitor arrives at a site.

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Complete workplace management

Mobile check-inGeofence your site, check-in visitors, and receive instant notifications using the Sine Pro mobile app.

iPad on the front deskPrint badges, capture photo ID, and sign NDA’s with the Sine Point iPad app for instant check-in.

Live web dashboardView live activity, send messages, and run reports right from the easy to use Sine dashboard.

Check in visitors without contact by scanning QR codes

Preregister the details of your visitor and send them an email invite. When your visitor arrives, they scan their Fast Track QR code from their mobile invite to check in on the iPad without contact. Hosts are notified of visitor’s arrival when check-in is complete.

Contactless front desk check-in for your visitors

Fast Track code scanWhen a visitor arrives, they scan their Fast Track QR code from their mobile invite to check-in on the iPad.

Identify visitor typeYour visitor’s photo ID is captured and visitor badges are printed to ensure clear identification.

Instant host notificationsHosts are notified when check-in is complete and your visitor is now ready to be greeted.

Visitor management

Starter pack

Everything you need to get started to check-in visitors, contractors and staff at your site.

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