Need more devices for your customer’s school or organisation?

Whether they’re working from home or learning from home, bring their old, aging devices back to life!

The fastest way to get high performance devices in the hands of students and employees that need them.


If you need to get more computers into students' hands, you need Neverware


CloudReady devices boot in seconds, are incredibly secure and reliable, and benefit from seamless, automatic updates without fear of update sunset dates.


CloudReady installs in just minutes via USB or mass deployment tools. Give your IT team the benefits of reliability and flexibility when it comes to deploying and managing your school's fleet remotely.


Enjoy the same management features as Chromebooks. Enroll CloudReady devices in the Google Admin console alongside Chrome OS devices and use the same policies and configurations.


How it works

Remote Management

Expand your device fleet at scale, enabling remote working and learning within schools and organisations.

Chrome Device Management

Secure device management gives the ability to apply policies to all devices at a touch of a button.


Customisation of devices settings in line with schools or organisations policies.

Watch the video to learn more about the Neverware solution

“Neverware gives the Chromebook experience the best chance it’s ever had for enterprise adoption...CloudReady Enterprise could be the desktop OS of the future.”

- Gabe Knuth, Independent Industry Analyst

Quickly enable your employees or students for remote working & learning

Neverware for Enterprise

Designed with security and managability at its core, Neverware is a scalable way for businesses to deploy the Chrome environment on almost any hardware and confidently embrace cloud resources

Neverware for Education

Put your school's older PCs and Macs back to work. CloudReady turns aging laptops and desktops into fast, secure Chrome devices that you can manage alongside Chromebooks in the Google Admin console.

Ready to transform your customers and need some more enablement?

Marketing Partner Pack

Downstream the solution to your customers with ease. Build awareness and engage with your customers with the Neverware Marketing Partner Pack.

No Chromebooks? No problem. Speak to one of our friendly Synnex team members today!

Neverware for Distance Learning

The flexibility you need to navigate uncertain times (and uncertain budgets).

Based on the same technology as Chromebooks and Chrome OS, CloudReady is the budget-friendly way to turn the PCs and Macs you already have—up to 13 years old—into fast, secure Chrome devices that you can deploy at scale.

Neverware for Remote Workers

Turn your employees into remote workers, quickly, by turning older computers into fast new Chromebooks.

Created by Neverware and based on Google’s open source Chromium OS, CloudReady transforms the PCs and Macs you already own, delivering the familiar speed and usability of Chromebooks and providing a secure, cost-effective way to deploy and manage your organization’s computers—no matter where you, or they, are in the world.

Your school's computers may be retro, but they can still be CloudReady

CloudReady is built from Google’s Chromium OS, the same technology foundation as Chromebooks. When you install CloudReady on your school’s existing PCs and Macs (up to 13 years old), you won’t just replace their bloated legacy operating systems by converting them to Chrome. You’ll transform them.

Thousands of schools and districts around the world have modernized their computers with CloudReady. With faster boot times, proven security, and easy management, CloudReady is the simple, budget-friendly solution that tech directors rely on to get more life out of their computers—and to get more computers into students’ hands.

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