Synnex CSP webinar Series


If you want to learn more about Microsoft 365 and the Azure opportunity without leaving your office, this webinar series is for you. The webinar series will be presented by MVP Mark O’Shea and will cover the following topics:

Microsoft 365: Want to acquire more SMB customers with Microsoft 365? Provide more capabilities to your customers? Increase your profitability? Then attend the workshops on Microsoft 365 to better understand the opportunities, the discussions and the capabilities you can take to customers to build a more secure, more efficient and more effective workplace for them. The three core opportunities we’ll explore are Why Cloud, Teamwork and Security.

Azure: If you’re keen to understand the Growth Opportunities that Azure offers to your SMB customers you need to attend the workshops. Azure is HUGE, tens of regions, hundreds of options, thousands of services, and millions of servers – but what are the keen capabilities, features and services that are of immediate relevance to an SMB customer. In these session we’ll crystallize the key points that you and Azure together can feature to a customer differentiate from other cloud providers. And specifically look at a few quick and easy options to help customers boost their profitability through the journey to Azure.


Webinar Details Date & Time
Webinar 1 Microsoft 365 Update
  In this webinar we will focus on the latest updates to Microsoft 365, as well as general updates and enhancements in Microsoft 365 components.
21 February 2019
  3pm AEDT
Webinar 2 Migrating Workloads to Azure
  The lifting and shifting of existing workloads into Azure is the starting point for many Azure based solutions. Learn what tools are available that can help you with the planning and migration steps.
26 March 2019
  3pm AEDT
Webinar 3 End of Support for Windows Server and SQL Server 2008/R2
  End of for Office 2010, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008/R2 and SQL Server 2008/R2 are approaching, and you will need to act fast to move your customers to supported versions of the software they rely on.
15 April 2019
  3pm AEST
Webinar 4 Microsoft 365 Update
  This Microsoft 365 update and compliance capabilities that you may not be aware of, or may not have had a chance to leverage yet.
23 May 2019
  3pm AEDT
Webinar 5 Protecting Azure & On-Prem Resources
  Azure Security Center provides unified security and advanced threat protection across your cloud and on-premises resources. Learn what it provides over and above the base Azure security capabilities, and how it fits alongside other security solutions.
20 June 2019
  3pm AEST

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